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First Night Nerves

In past experiences, and working on numerous theatre shows, they tend to kind of wallow onto the circuit. They then struggle for a couple of years, find their feet, get a regular hardcore following who tell their friends and the whole thing grows organically….until today (Well yesterday to be precise.)

To be sold out one month before an opening night is some feet, which just goes to highlight the power and popularity of one ‘Neil Leslie Diamond.’ Respect would be an understarement, love and adoration would be nearer to the truth, Messiah status would be nearly there.

We were absolutely bowled over to be performing Mr. Diamond’s work to a cheering, standing full house, far more than we could have ever imagined. Thank you so much to everybody who attended in Harlow, Essex yesterday evening and to everybody in ‘The Wings’ who made it happen.

Also, to raise over ยฃ2000 for the wonderful work that St.Clare Hospice do is just magical.

Here’s to the 2017 tour !