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The World's Greatest Celebration & Tribute To The Life & Work of NEIL DIAMOND....BOOK NOW !

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The Show

Celebrating Over 50 Years of Neil Diamond

Theatre Show

The aim was to create The World's Greatest Celebration & Tribute to legendary singer/ songwriter NEIL DIAMOND . The show has since performed at venues, including, London's Legendary O2, The Royal Concert Hall and hundreds of venues in UK and across the globe .

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At the Festivals

The Original concept of the show was to script the World's Greatest Celebration & Tribute to NEIL DIAMOND . Producers immediately become aware that they had also creating the perfect Festival Headliner, as witnessed by thousands in UK and across Europe....

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Tour Dates

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The Cast

Meet the people behind the show

Brooklyn Creed

Juanita Diaz

Izzy Zina Lock

Darren Juniper

Dave Jenkins

Michael Bazzoni

Darren Bazzoni

Andy Meredith

Brooklyn Horns

The Brooklyn Horns

Ascending Strings

Ascending Strings

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